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Feature of the Month

Sip by sip, month by month: We'll decide this wine tasting business one exciting grape at a time!

Pizza Wines


We're having our first ever GoGo Pizza party! This month we'll explore what wines to pair with our favorite pizza! (Pineapple on pizza will be strictly prohibited)



The biggest, baddest, boldest of them all... Malbec! Come explore the native French grape that found a new home in Argentina and see how diverse and delicious it can be.

Oregon Trail


Like the classic PC game, we're taking a trip to Oregon! We'll touch on the region's signature grape, Pinot Noir, but also show you that's not all they have to offer...

Porch Pounders


Dangerously drinkable, gloriously gulpable, bangin’ bargain wines that are sure to help quench your thirst this summer, and we can’t wait to share our favorites with you!

Monthly Wine Events

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