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  • Pinot Noir is a noble grape capable of making some of the world’s finest, most complex and longest-lived red wines. Its name is derived from the French for “black pinecone,” alluding to the tightly clustered, dark purple, somewhat pinecone-shaped bunches of grapes. The wine itself […]

  • This month we are visiting our sister continent in the Southern Hemisphere to taste wines from Argentina, Chile, and beyond! Viticulture in South America is older than you might think, beginning as early as 1557 when vines were brought to South America by Spanish missionaries […]

  • It’s December, and you know what that means…BUBBLY! Nothing says “party” like the sound of a cork popping!! The final month of the year is always prime time for celebration- holidays, parties, family gatherings, snow flurries… its when we cozy up in front of a […]

  • November has arrived! We’ve put away the Halloween candy, swapped out our costumes for vests and scarves, turned the heat up a notch or two, and begun prepping our Thanksgiving menu. This holiday brings loved ones together around a table once a year, where people […]