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  • This month we are traveling to the land of castles, romantic hills covered in mist and quite possibly Italy’s finest red wines! Piemonte, often described as “the Burgundy of Italy,” is home to more DOC zones that any other Italian region, the two most notable […]

  • We had such fun exploring the sunny south of Italy, but it’s time to head back stateside and visit one of our most renowned winemaking regions – the Pacific Northwest! The Pacific Northwest includes Washington, Oregon, Idaho (good for more than just potatoes, ladies!) and […]

  • Sauvignon Blanc is a grape that produces some of the world’s most popular and distinctive white wines. This refreshing white always hits the spot on warm summer evenings, and is particularly apt for light food pairings. The Sauvignon Blanc grape is known for producing wines […]

  • Drumroll, please…this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for…that’s right, ladies…grab those plastic cups and head outside, because it’s finally Porch Pounding season! For those of you who joined us for “Porch Pounders” last year – well, you know what to expect! And for […]