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Pinot Noir is a noble grape capable of making some of the world’s finest, most complex and longest-lived red wines. Its name is derived from the French for “black pinecone,” alluding to the tightly clustered, dark purple, somewhat pinecone-shaped bunches of grapes. The wine itself should be highly aromatic, with higher acid and lower tannins on a light and velvety palate. A red fruit profile of cherries and raspberries is the most recognizable hallmark of the varietal, but depending on age and where the grapes are grown, it can also take on more earthy, vegetal flavors. Though it can produce absolutely stunning wines, Pinot Noir is a finicky grape

This month we are visiting our sister continent in the Southern Hemisphere to taste wines from Argentina, Chile, and beyond! Viticulture in South America is older than you might think, beginning as early as 1557 when vines were brought to South America by Spanish missionaries to make wine for religious purposes. The wine was mass produced from Mission grapes Pais and Criolla and was, well

It’s December, and you know what that means…BUBBLY! Nothing says “party” like the sound of a cork popping!! The final month of the year is always prime time for celebration- holidays, parties, family gatherings, snow flurries… its when we cozy up in front of a fire, look around at what the year has blessed us with, and hopefully take the time to appreciate where we are and where we’ve come from. Of course, there’s no better way to celebrate anything than with sparkling wine. From breakfast mimosas to meaningful toasts around the dinner table, sparkling wine is incredibly versatile and always fun. Drinking bubbly doesn’t mean an empty pocket.

November has arrived! We’ve put away the Halloween candy, swapped out our costumes for vests and scarves, turned the heat up a notch or two, and begun prepping our Thanksgiving menu. This holiday brings loved ones together around a table once a year, where people can (try to) set aside their differences and enjoy one another’s company in the presence of inimitable comfort food and complementary wine. While everyone has their own styles and family secrets when preparing Thanksgiving fare, there always remains the question… what wine should I pair with this? Pairing food and wine is tricky even when the meal is simple. On a holiday like Thanksgiving,

It can be (unfortunately) easy to overlook Spain when it comes to wine. I mean, with France as your neighbor, it can be easy to get glanced over. But once you try a Spanish wine, it’s impossible to ignore or compare.             Spain is the third largest wine producer in the world, and has over one million acres of land dedicated to vineyards. It is an extremely diverse country, with over 60 different regional DOs producing various styles of wine. Some of these you may already know- Rioja, for instance, is renown for its powerful and high-end reds. Or the Rias Baixas, home to Albarino, a white wine that

This August, we’re forgoing some of our more traditional vacation spots in favor of a trip to Southern Italy. Is there any other way to end a summer? Italy is, and always has been, one of the most influential and powerful wine regions in the world. When we think of Italian wine, our minds will usually jump to Sangiovese from Tuscany, or perhaps Nebbiolo out of Piedmont.  Yes, these are delicious grapes from exceptional regions, but some of the best-hidden gems of Italy are coming from the Southern part of the country. Actually, the island of Sicily and the region of Puglia are the largest wine regions within

Over the course of the last ten years, wine lovers around the world have changed the way they look at rosé. No longer does a pink beverage attract a sideways glance from neighboring sippers. All "blush" wine was thought to be sticky sweet White Zinfandel or fruity wine coolers or umbrella drinks, but American consumers have finally come to know the joys of dry, refreshing, endlessly pleasurable pink wines from here and abroad! Not, by any means, a new phenomenon, the tradition of rosé stems from the south of France where the relatively inexpensive refreshers beat the Mediterranean heat with their bright acidity, delicate fruit and hints of herbs.

It's May! Meaning, it's time to enjoy the May flowers that April's showers brought us! and what better way to enjoy those flowers than with some wine? This month we are all about aromatic wines, and you'll want to stop and smell the Rosés