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Homework Wines

September's Featured Wines

Seductive Spain!

Rioja Alta “Vina Ardanza” Rioja Reserva 2009, $41.99 (only $35.69 with GOGO discount)
Best in Show

This standout wine encompasses the heart of Rioa. It’s classic and balanced, with flavors of cherries, black currant, mocha, nutmeg, and the faintest hint of tobacco spice coming together to create a seamless experience. The elegant finish reminds you that this is the Bet in Show for a reason. It’s beautiful, and almost a steal at the price. Share it with your favorite people or save it to enjoy all for yourself!

Biutiful Cava Rosé NV, $13.99 (only $11.89 with GOGO discount)

Finally, a sparkling rosé that every person can enjoy. Made up of 100% Garnacha, you’ll find some red berry and tangerine aromas floating from the glass, followed with some wild strawberry notes and herbaceous notes on the palate. It’s a bubbly to bring people together!

La Conreria D’Scala Dei “Les Brugueres” Blanco 2017, $31.99 (only $27.19 with GOGO discount)
Most Interesting

One doesn’t find white wine from Priorat very often… but you know we did! This is worth drinking at LEAST once in your life. Intense and mineral driven, you’ll find flavors of Mediterranean herbs, lemon zest, and white fruit. Aging on the lees results in a slightly creamy texture that really completes the wine. It’s a wine that pairs excellently with food, just make sure to try it on its own beforehand to appreciate the mix of flavors and textures.

Bodegas Bhilar “Lagrias de Graciano” 2018, $14.99 (only $12.74 with GOGO discount)
Best Bargain

This tasty little red is actually a bit rare! It is a Rioja, but it isn’t made of Tempranillo. Comprised of 100% Graciano, you’ll notice some earthiness, ripe blackberry, spice, and bright acidity to give it an appealing freshness.

Theme of the Month

Curious about why we choose these bottles for homework?