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Homework Wines

October's Featured Wines

Weird Wines!

Château-Fortia Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc 2017, Rhone Valley, France $48.99 (only $41.64 with GOGO discount)
Best in Show

“The 2017 Chateauneuf-du-Pape Blanc was made entirely in stainless steel. It boasts fresh, floral aromas as well as richer notes of honey and stone fruit and a line of crisp, lime-like acidity running through an otherwise plump, silk textured wine.” 92 Points, Wine Advocate

Le Piane “Maggiorina” 2016, Piemonte, Italy $21.99 (only $18.69 with GOGO discount)

Wondering why this one’s weird? Well, it is a blend of at least 12 varietals (including white varietals) that makes this a carefree sipper. This youthful and easy-drinking red is simple and refreshing. Feel free to pair this with an evening with the “Ghoulfriends.”

Schuchmann Rkatsiteli 2016, Kakheti, Georgia $9.99 (only $8.49 with GOGO discount)
Best Bargain

Brace yourselves for a clean and dry white wine from the country of Georgia – the birthplace of winemaking. You’ll enjoy apples and other orchard fruits on the nose, and a delightful medium body on the palate. This is the perfect treat for you if you’re expecting a lot of trick-or-treaters.

Zuccardi “Malamdao” Malbec NV, Mendoza, Argentina $23.99 (only $20.39 with GOGO discount)
Most Interesting
Ever think you’d try a port style wine that uses Malbec as its grape? Now is your chance! Sweet with notes of dried dark fruits and rich chocolate, this is just about the best alternative to port there is. Baking spices round out the experience with notes of cinnamon and toasted almonds, making this the perfect way to end a cool fall evening.

Theme of the Month

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