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Homework Wines

July's Featured Wines

BBQ Wines!

Menhir “Filo” Negroamaro 2015, Salento, Italy, $31.99 (only $27.19 with GOGO discount)
Best in Show

From one of the Bins’ favorite producers, Menhir, we get the “Filo.” Filo is 100% Negroamaro, meaning it is dark and brooding. The warm climate of Puglia in southern Italy (the heel of the boot) lead to ripe, rich wines. Thinking about grilling a steak? This is the wine for you.

Lone Birch Pinot Gris 2016, Yakima Valley, Washington, $13.99 (only $11.89 with GOGO discount)

In Yakima Valley, in the middle of vineyards, stands a lone birch. This lone tree provides shade to workers, directions to visitors, and the label for a wonderful wine producer. The Pinot Gris provides coolness on a hot day, combining just enough minerality with fruit. If you’re grilling vegetables or white meats, or just hanging out with friends at the gathering, you’ve found the wine that will bring folks together.

IMG_4655 copy
Sabeo Monastrell 2016, Jumilla, Spain, $10.99 (only $9.34 with GOGO discount)
Best Bargain

There’s lots of sun in Jumilla where these grapes are grown. The result, you ask? Lots of dried, dark fruits on a rich, full body. Think cassis and currant with a touch of smokiness. You’re in for a treat! So much complexity for so little money.

Domaine Glinavos “Paleokerisio” 2016, Greece, $16.99 (only 14.44 with GOGO discount)
Most Interesting

Made from grapes indigenous to Greece, this weird little bottle (literally – it comes in an oddly shaped 500mL bottle) gives folks a lot to unpack. First of all it’s orange. Weird, right? As if that weren’t enough, it sparkles and it has just a touch of sweetness. This has lots of dried orchard fruits, sweet herbs and baking spices on the nose and palate. A delightful way to wind down from all that grilling, or a perfect pair for those leftovers!

Theme of the Month

Curious about why we choose these bottles for homework?