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Monthly Schedule

2019 Theme of the Month

Sip by sip, month by month, we'll make our way around the world of wine and back again!

Pizza Wines


We're having our first ever GoGo Pizza party! This month we'll explore what wines to pair with our favorite pizza! (Pineapple on pizza will be strictly prohibited)



The biggest, baddest, boldest of them all... Malbec! Come explore the native French grape that found a new home in Argentina and see how diverse and delicious it can be.

Oregon Trail


Like the classic PC game, we're taking a trip to Oregon! We'll touch on the region's signature grape, Pinot Noir, but also show you that's not all they have to offer...

Porch Pounders


Dangerously drinkable, gloriously gulpable, bangin’ bargain wines that are sure to help quench your thirst this summer, and we can’t wait to share our favorites with you!

Aromatic/Floral Wines


We all know that April showers bring May flowers, so this year we're honoring the annual blossoming by sniffing out some of the world's best aromatic varietals! Be ready to try some things you may have never seen before!



After years of getting a bad rap from poorly made, sweet blush wines, we have finally come to know the joys of drinking dry, refreshing, pleasurable pink wines from here and abroad! Taste this season’s best and brightest!

Tour de France


The grueling annual trek through the French countryside is one of the most challenging sporting events in the world. So while the athletes do their thing, we'll be sampling wine from all across France from the comfort of our homes.

Southern Italy


No, it doesn't have wines as famous as Barolo, Brunello, or Chianti. But are the wines from the south delicious? Hell Yes! Join us to see what Southern Italy's best and brightest are up to.

Seductive Spain


Spain has the most land dedicated to vines than any other country in the world! To honor their long, storied winemaking history, we're going to drink their wines!

Wine and Halloween Candy


Because you're never too old to trick or treat! Also because we can find an excuse to pair wine with literally anything.

Thanksgiving Wines: 2019 Edition


We want to make sure your Turkey Day is the best it can be, and no Thanksgiving meal is complete without the right wine (or wines!) Join us to explore classic pairings and some unique options for you and whoever you’re thankful for!



Our annual celebration of all things bubbly, join us as we toast to…well, whatever we want!

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